Team Niche Triumph in Men’s Health Challenge

29th September 2017

On an overcast and sultry Sunday morning, Team Niche displayed admirable enthusiasm as they took part in the Men’s Health ‘Survival of the Fittest’ challenge for the fourth consecutive year in Cardiff last weekend.

Team Niche: The runners meet up with the supporters as Team Niche get ready for the ‘Survival of the Fittest’

This year, Niche selected The Samaritans Newport and Gwent as their chosen charity to represent at the race, and brightened up the crowd with their lime green t-shirts. All of the team completed the challenge in well under three hours, representing a great improvement on their times of last year.

With the vast majority of those in the office taking part, and those who didn’t participate cheering the team on, it was a great show of team work and togetherness. From traversing the intimidating ‘Men at Work’ obstacle to getting lathered up at the ‘Washing Machine,’ it was a rigorous test of their ability to keep on going no matter how tired they felt.

The time in which they completed the race was not of great importance, but the fact they took part and kept going made company director Ray Adams a proud man, “This was our most successful Men’s Health to date. I’m so impressed with how many joined in, and it really does feel special to see how the guys supported each other throughout.”

And they’re off: Team Niche depart Cardiff Bay donning The Samaritans’ colours

“At times, some of us felt as if we couldn’t step another foot, but by talking to each other and going at our own paces, we accomplished a great thing,” Ray continued. “It’s not about how fit or fast you are, but that you feel you got something from taking part.”

Indeed, it wasn’t just the team spirit and comradery that benefitted from the challenge, but Niche’s charity of choice The Samaritans. In addition to the funds raised for the charity prior to the race, the donning of the lime green t-shirts helped publicise what is sometimes seen as a really sensitive issue.

Charging themselves with the noble challenge of preventing suicide by providing people in distress with someone to talk to, The Samaritans have been a stalwart in the battle to provide more support to people experiencing mental ill-health. Son of Ray and director of Niche Pens, Ross Adams adds that “we all know someone that has encountered challenges with their mental health at one point or another, so supporting The Samaritans feels as though we’re showing support to those people in our lives.”

Tired? Now it’s time for the rapids!

After completing the event, in true Niche style, it was time for the team to ‘sharpen the saw’ and enjoy a well-earned meal in Cardiff Bay’s Global Buffet restaurant. It was time for the team to reflect on what they had achieved as a group.

Niche were delighted to receive some magnificent backing and sponsorship from friends, family and clients and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. The most important aspect of the day was that much needed funds were raised for a fantastic cause.

Next challenge please!

Summing up his feelings on this year’s efforts, Ray admitted, “In reality, it was just a chance for us all to get together and share a moment. We bond as a team on many different occasions throughout the year, but this is an event many of us can say we took part in for many years to come.”

“We’re already thinking about our registrations for next year!” Ray quipped. Indeed, more than a couple in the office have already mentioned how they’ll be more ‘in-shape’ for next years ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ Given how impressive they were last weekend, you’d have to bet that those aspirations will inevitably come to fruition.

At the finishing line: Congratulations Team Niche!

Our participation in the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ challenge has so far raised over £600. Please help us make this even more by clicking here and donating today.
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