Niche welcome summer recruits

2nd July 2018

Niche are delighted to welcome another four new recruits. Joining under the company’s Next Generation Training Scheme, the new arrivals will link up with the marketing and development teams.

Arriving at the end of May was Stacey Worboys. Stacey arrived in May as a Marketing Assistant, having graduated from university in 2015 with a degree in Business and Management Studies with Marketing.

She’s currently studying towards a distance learning Masters’ in Marketing at The University of Exeter, which will see her graduate in October 2019. She specialises in social media and design and will chiefly spend her time on marketing for Niche IFA alongside the business’ other strands.

Daniel Jones joined us in June on a summer internship and will spend the next few months with us gaining vital knowledge and practice in back-end software engineering. He is currently studying towards a degree in Applied Software Engineering at Cardiff University, to which he will return to complete his final year in September.

June also saw us welcome Rebekah Davies, also on a summer internship where she will spend time working with our front-end development team. She brings with her previous experience in Software Development and Website Development and is currently studying towards a degree in Applied Software Engineering at Cardiff University.

Our final recruit is recent graduate George Heard. George joins us as a front-end developer, having recently graduated from Aberystwyth University with a degree in Computer Science. He is bringing to Niche a variety of skills which he has obtained through previous roles as a front-end web developer and an android application developer.

Team leader Joseph Williams is delighted to welcome our newest quartet to the team, saying, “We are looking forward to seeing what Stacey, Daniel, Rebekah and George bring to the team and how they can make an impact in their individual roles. They have already settled into life fantastically in the Niche office.”

To read more about the whole of our team here at Niche IFA, click here. Alternatively, if you are interested in pursuing a career in financial advice, you can find out more by getting in touch.

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