Ray to deliver Great Pension Debate talk

10th July 2018
Great Pension Debate

Director of Niche IFA and Chartered Financial Planner Ray Adams will tomorrow deliver a session at The Great Pension Debate II in Port Talbot.

Ray will deliver a live demo of how cashflow planning can be used to help present suitable advice on whether to transfer a DB pension or not. He will take to the stage at 10:45am.

The subject matter Ray will be discussing is especially poignant given the event’s location in a town that is home to one of the UK’s biggest steelworks. Last year, the British Steel Pension Scheme saga meant many steelworkers were forced to make a huge decision on the futures of their pensions.

Not only is Ray one of the event’s main sponsors, he is delighted to be able to spend time looking at just how cashflow planning can be used to help achieve the right outcome for the client.

His demonstration will take a closer look in to the best practices demanded by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in an area of financial advice increasingly, and quite rightly, under the microscope by the regulator and media.

The demo will follow a talk delivered by Rory Percival, the financial consultancy and training expert Ray is teaming up with to deliver a brand-new tool which helps financial advisers meet the requirements of the FCA’s forthcoming October revision of pension transfer guidelines.

With both in attendance tomorrow, it will be a great chance for Ray to tell the audience and media a little more about what will be a vital tool within the finance industry.

You can find out more about the Great Pension Debate II here.

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