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A Top 250 financial adviser

by Joseph Williams

On the 10th April 2016, The Sunday Times newspaper and VouchedFor teamed up to inform the public of who exactly are the country's top rated financial advisers.

Enclosed within all copies of that Sunday's edition was a complete list of the UK's top 250 financial advisers, and naturally Niche had someone within that list.

And that someone was none other than Company Director & Chartered Financial Planner Ray Adams!

Digital copy of the guide

Now although the list of the UK's top 250 financial advisers was not sorted or definitively ordered, it was broken down into areas and Wales was one of the areas.

So out of the 250 financial advisers that managed to make the cut, only 7 financial advisers were based in Wales.

That means that if you want a UK top rated financial adviser that has been endorsed by the highly reputable Sunday Times newspaper, your options are limited to but a few.

And Ray Adams of Niche IFA is one of those few.

A Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of The Personal Finance Society, Ray is not only fully qualified to advise you on all aspects of finance but has also achieved the pinnacle within the financial industry.

However, achieving the status of a UK top rated financial adviser with VouchedFor and The Sunday Times is no easy task as it requires a lot more than just qualifications and achievements.

It requires a consistent service of high quality and a significantly large number of happy and satisfied customers.

Achieving the status of a UK top rated financial adviser is therefore testament to the work that goes on behind the scenes here at Niche at our new head office in Newport.

The endless stream of positive reviews left on Ray's VouchedFor profile proves that clients are left happy, and that Niche does consistently provide a service of the highest quality.

If you are therefore reading this as a new customer we urge you to take a look at the reviews.

As a potential client there is nothing more reassuring than seeing others similar to you openly state that the service they received was good.

So if you are thinking of using Niche as your financial adviser, read what others have to say first and then contact us directly on 01633 859 555 or by emailing

Read what others have said

Also, if you are a happy client of ours and have a spare five minutes to leave a review, please do so.

There is nothing better than seeing happy clients recognise the service they have received by leaving a positive review, and conversely any feedback we receive is greatly appreciated because we can develop, grow and learn as a company.

The button below will send you directly to Ray's VouchedFor profile where you can leave a review. 

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