30/04/2016 - Directors Ray & Kim Adams enjoying Judgement Day IV

30/04/2016 - Try scored underneath the Niche advertising hoarding

30/04/2016 - Pre-match meal at the Principality Stadium

30/04/2016 - Company day out to watch Judgement Day IV

29/04/2016 - Thanks for coming to the Niche Office Opening Party

29/04/2016 - Paraplanner Cameron Jones as the party comes to an end

29/04/2016 - Web-developer Tom Newton with Marketing Manager Joseph Williams

29/04/2016 - Former BBC Apprentice star Alex Mills with Compliance Director Tom Roberts

29/04/2016 - Former BBC Apprentice star Alex Mills with Independent Financial Adviser Gareth Shears

29/04/2016 - Independent Financial Adviser Matt Wiltshire enjoying the party

29/04/2016 - Guests take a look around the inside of Waterside Court

29/04/2016 - Ray Adams introducing both Cory Hill and Oliver Griffiths to guests

29/04/2016 - Oliver Griffiths, Ray Adams, Cory Hill and Matt Wiltshire

29/04/2016 - Dragons duo Cory Hill and Oliver Griffiths with our Judgement Day advertising banner

29/04/2016 - Independent Financial Adviser Gareth Shears chatting to guests

29/04/2016 - Guests enjoying the refreshments at Waterside Court

29/04/2016 - Guests chatting away with our limited edition Niche bags

29/04/2016 - Independent Financial Adviser Matt Wiltshire introducing guests

29/04/2016 - Web-developer Tom Newton and Paraplanner James Baker playing host

29/04/2016 - Independent Financial Adviser Matt Wiltshire greeting guests

29/04/2016 - Director & Chartered Financial Planner Ray Adams welcoming guests

29/04/2016 - A selection of the cakes on offer

29/04/2016 - Nice office Niche

29/04/2016 - Our famous Welsh Cakes

29/04/2016 - Paraplanners James Baker and Tom Powell with the teas and coffees

29/04/2016 - Waterside Court boardroom

29/04/2016 - Waterside Court waiting area

29/04/2016 - Director & Chartered Financial Planner Ray Adams with his paraplanning team

29/04/2016 - All set for the office opening party

27/04/2016 - Marquee going up for this Fridays office opening party

25/04/2016 - Ray and Kim Adams in Montpellier last weekend supporting the Newport Gwent Dragons

22/04/2016 - Good luck to Newport Gwent Dragons seeking Challenge Cup success this weekend. Make us proud and get us to Lyon!

21/04/2016 - TRIVIA! How many men does it take to replace an office ceiling tile?

21/04/2016 - Grass grows quick these days! Preparations underway for next weeks office opening party

20/04/2016 - We can officially confirm that Ray Adams has been recognised as a UK Top 250 IFA by both VouchedFor and The Sunday Times

12/04/2016 - Proud to announce our office opening party will be held on Friday 29th April 2016.

08/04/2016 - Monthly meeting this morning to discuss all things finance

06/04/2016 - Happy new tax year!

05/04/2016 - Judgement Day IV is only 1 month away! Fantastic to help promote a great day out

04/04/2016 - The last of our internal signs is on its way up.

04/04/2016 - Adding the finishing touches to Waterside Court.

01/04/2016 - Had our first walk-in client today, straight off the motorway, after noticing our M4 facing sign.

31/03/2016 - Have you picked up your complimentary bag for life? Call in to see us to collect yours

30/03/2016 - Delighted to develop a relationship with St. Joseph's Hospital. Here is one of many great services they have to offer.

27/03/2016 - Company Director Ray Adams plays host to some special guests at the Dragons v Edinburgh match

22/03/2016 - Have you got the Six Nations blues? Well get down to Rodney Parade for 2 cracking regional games and stand up for the men of Gwent

18/03/2016 - Getting frosty in here! Take a look at our personalised frosted glass for the new head office at Waterside Court

17/03/2016 - Great to have a representative at the Cheltenham Festival yesterday. Fantastic to be involved

15/03/2016 - Paraplanners James Baker (right) and Joel Baker (left) work together to complete a pension transfer case

14/03/2016 - Beautiful start to the week here at Waterside Court. Let the sunshine continue!