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Financial advice

It’s never the wrong time to review your finances and ensure that they are on track.

After all, your financial wellbeing plays a part in nearly everything you do and may plan to do in the future.

Whether you’re looking for the best pension plan, mortgage, investment scheme or life assurance policy, there is definitely a product that’s right for you. However, with so many different options available, tracking down the right one can be a time-consuming and costly experience.

Some financial products are simpler than others. Most people understand how basic insurance works – for your car or home, for instance. You can check the terms, levels of cover and conditions of the policy yourself, fairly easily. This means that these products can be purchased direct from the insurer, without the need for advice.

However, when it comes to long term savings products such as investments or pensions, and other areas like protection, it’s not so easy. There are lots of different avenues you can go down. Having an independent financial adviser who knows the ins and outs of these and who can point you in the right direction, is always a bonus.

Sadly most of us have received only basic education about personal finances and therefore do not have the knowledge that is required to make these judgements alone. In the same way as you would turn to a doctor if you have health problems, you should seek professional help when it comes to your finances.

There are many places you can turn to for advice, but only an independent financial adviser (IFA) is able to offer you unbiased advice on financial products across the whole market. Any other advice route will offer you limited guidance - and whilst this may be all you think you need, experience shows that when the choices are clearly explained, people recognise the value of independent financial advice. At Niche we are independent financial planners, one of whom has reached Chartered status - the gold standard of financial planning. This is why we believe we are the right people to help you get your finances sorted and point you in the right direction.