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Niche client case studies

We have put together a selection of client case studies which show how we have been able to really turn our clients' situations around and set them back on track. It can often be hard to relate to a service or understand how it could be applied to your situation, but we hope that these personal stories will help to make this easier.

Pension consolidation

Ms Carol Jones, age 48

"When I contacted Niche I was confused about how much my pension would be worth when I retired. I had saved in four different schemes but I found it hard to keep track of what contributions I had made and what my annual statements meant in 'real terms' - would I have enough money in retirement?"

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Pension review

Mr David Hughes, age 52

"I contacted Niche because I wanted to review my pensions and make sure they were all sorted out. I wanted to know how much I had, how it was doing and whether I would be able to retire early."

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Pension tidy-up

Mr Glen Philips, Age 52

"I contacted Niche because I was looking to sort out my pensions. I had moved jobs several times and always paid into the company schemes which were available. I also set up a personal pension while I worked at a small company with no workplace scheme. Saving for retirement was always something that I was conscious of. I felt it was very important and definitely something I needed to do, but I didn’t realise what a mess all my scattered plans would seem reaching the end of my working life. I didn’t know how much all my pots were worth and all the paperwork was too confusing to sift through”

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Pension transfer

Mr Alan Jenkins, Age 49

"Last year I had a big sort out and was trying to get my paperwork in order. Flicking through my pension statements, I was surprised to see that my pension value had gone down. I was unsure why this was, and so I contacted my provider. They explained that my pension had been invested and that, as with all investments the value could go down as well as up. I was annoyed that my pension savings had been damaged in this way, as I thought that they were safe. I decided to find out how I could improve my pension, and that is when I found Niche"

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Retirement Planning: Setting up a Pension

Mr Dave Evans, Age 44

"I read an article in the newspaper last year which said that one in four people would be retiring in poverty. It was a turning point for me. I've run my own business for fifteen years, and every spare penny I’ve had has always gone straight back into in - it's my pride and joy; but after reading the article I took a step back and thought about myself for a second. I hadn’t paid into a pension as I felt I couldn’t afford it and that my state pension would be enough to cover me. I also thought of my business like a pension plan - if I wanted to retire, I could just sell my company. However, I would not be able to keep living the same way on the basic rate of state pension. I didn’t want to work until I was 65 and I had no other backup plan pension-wise if my business when under. Niche really helped me get back on track"

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Retirement Planning: Pension Top Up

Mrs Jenny Llewellyn, Age 47

"I had been paying into my personal pension for over twenty years, but I had never really thought much about it. One of my colleagues was approaching retirement and discovered that she had not saved enough. She was facing the prospect of an extra six years of work or retiring in poverty. This prompted me to get my pension looked at. I did not want to find myself in the same position as her. I had kept all of my pension paperwork, but it was too confusing to go through it all myself. I contacted Niche and they told me that they could help"

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Setting up a SIPP: Commercial Property Purchase

Mr Nick Lewis, Age 48

"I was referred to Niche by my accountant. My business had been doing well and we were looking to take on new staff. However, we needed bigger premises in order to do this. I was renting a small office unit, but had looked around and found other locations that I felt would suitable - with enough extra space for our planned expansion. An acquaintance had also recently told me about how his pension was invested in a SIPP. I did some research and discovered that this kind of pension could be used to purchase commercial property, which I felt would be beneficial for my business"

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Setting up a SIPP: Online Convenience

Mr Steve Davies, Age 45

"I came to Niche looking to get my pension under control. I had several different schemes from throughout my working life and it was difficult to keep track of them. I wanted them to be more organised and make sure that they were performing well. It was frustration things that my provider could be damaging my savings through bad investments, but only contacting me once a year with confusing paperwork and statements"

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