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Contents insurance

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance is insurance that pays for damage to, or loss of, an individual's personal possessions whilst they are located within that individual's home.

Some contents insurance policies also provide restricted cover for personal possessions temporarily taken away from the home by the policyholder.

In this context "possessions" means anything that is not permanently attached to the structure of the home (possessions that are permanently attached to the structure of the home can only be insured via home insurance). Some contents policies may also include possessions kept in the garden area attached to the house.

Is Contents Insurance Compulsory?

Unlike buildings insurance, contents insurance is optional as your home's contents belong to you. Nobody, other than yourself, is at risk of loss if you are the unlucky person who has been robbed, or if there has been an accident which lead to your house/contents to be damaged/destroyed (water damage/fire damage).

What does contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance typically covers damage which occurs due to fire, lightning, explosion or earthquake, theft (or attempted theft), riots or vandalism, storms or flooding, subsidence, falling trees, moving objects (such as a cars hitting your home) and escaping or leaking water or oil.

Contents insurance also usually covers:

What can we do for you?

When you call us we will help you work find out what level of cover you will personally need, so that you are not overspending for unnecessary levels of cover that will never help you.

Then we will contact all of the providers to see who can offer you the best deal on this type of insurance. We will also help with home insurance if you require it.