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At any one time, there may be hundreds of different mortgages available. It can be very time consuming for you to establish exactly what mortgage is right for you and at the end of the day, how can you be sure it is the most competitive available?

You might be:

We can save you both time and money, by assisting you to select the best mortgage available and helping you to complete the large amount of paperwork that goes hand in hand with most mortgages. We deal directly with mortgage companies to ensure everything is completed as smoothly as possible at what is normally a very stressful time for people.

Having selected the best mortgage for you, we will ensure that we diarise the 'critical review dates', e.g. the end of the initial interest rate period, end of redemption penalty period. We can then contact you to review your current mortgage and your requirements, to ensure you still have a competitive interest rate and are not paying too much.

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