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Our advisers have significant experience in a range of areas, and are able to provide bespoke specialist advice on everything from mortgages to pensions.

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While there are many places to turn to for financial advice, an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is able to offer you unbiased advice on financial products across the entire market.

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We know how time consuming it can be to establish exactly which mortgage is right for you. Our financial advisers can help you select the best mortgage available, and help with the paperwork that comes with it.

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When it comes to more complicated financial matters such as investments or pensions, a financial adviser who knows the ins and outs can point you in the right direction.

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There are many different types of savings and investments, each with different structures and tax implications. We can discuss your aims and objectives and recommend the most suitable ways to achieve your goals.

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Taxation can be very complicated. The rules, reliefs and allowances often change, meaning it is important to stay on top of the current laws to ensure you're managing your finances in a tax-efficient way.

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As pension specialists, we can provide advice on areas of pensions which other advisers simply aren't qualified to advise in. We can help you decide how much you should be putting in your pension as well as ensuring that your pension contributions are tax efficient.

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Unfortunately, estate planning is not just for the retired or the wealthy. We can help arrage your estate appropriately so that it is distributed in line with your wishes.

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Equity release describes a range of products that allow you to release the cash tied up in your home without moving. Niche are regulated by the FCA to advise and sell equity release products.

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Hopefully you will never need to make a claim against your insurance. However, if the time comes, you want to be absolutely sure that the insurance you have is right for you. Here at Niche, we can help decide what type and level of insurance is suitable based on your current situation.

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Providing long term care can sometimes be a serious financial burden on those who need care and their relatives. We work closely with care providers and solicitors to provide specialist advice on care fees and funding long term care.

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We are a firm of Chartered Financial Planners with a team of highly knowledgeable advice givers. With this in mind, we have the capacity to increase our business and look after a larger "bank" of clients without reducing the quality of our service.

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Niche Sports provides all aspects of financial planning for sports professionals, including on pension advice, current accounts, savings and investments, mortgages, image rights and retirement planning.

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Moving home

Why would you move home?

There are a number of different reasons that a person would want to move house and it can be a stressful time. We are here to try and help you to understand all of the different pitfalls when it comes to moving home.

Moving home can be exciting, but is sometimes also stressful. Even if you've bought a house before, it's useful to refresh your memory about the steps involved - from finding a new property to sorting out the money and legal side of things.

  1. Work out what you can afford – it sounds so simple but make sure that you know how much you can lend, how much you can afford on the repayments, as well as the up-front costs of moving
  2. Selling and buying - make sure that you know the value of your property and you have a realistic price. When buying, make sure that the property is right for you as this is obviously a big commitment
  3. Putting in/accepting an offer - remember that nothing is certain until the contract is signed people can pull out last minute or your bid could be beaten by another person
  4. Applying for a mortgage - know what type of mortgage you would want and make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork ready
  5. Make sure you are protected – do you have buildings and contents insurance? Have you thought about any other protection in case you lose your job or are injured?
  6. Legal work - make sure you understand what legal fees you will need to pay
  7. Move in - once you have moved in then ensure you keep up with the repayments and enjoy your new home

What can we do?

We at Niche are specialists when it comes to mortgages and insurance, so we can help you through this process of moving into your new home. We also have contact with Estate Agents, so we can help you with every step from estate agents to solicitors.