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Pensions & retirement planning

Before retirement

Niche are pension specialists and we can provide advice on areas of pensions which other advisers simply aren't qualified to advise in.

How much? We can help you to decide how much you should be putting in to your pension. We can also help you to ensure that your pension contributions are tax efficient; remember, the Government provides income tax relief on contributions you make to your pension.

Several pensions? Most people have several different jobs in their lifetime and therefore their pensions can be scattered around with different companies. We can review your existing pension arrangements to establish how much you have got saved and what they will provide you with when you retire. Then, if it looks like your pensions will fall short of what you will require, we can help you correct this. Find out more about our Pension Tidy Up Service.

Can my pension work for me? You may not want to retire yet but instead require capital for a business venture. You can use your pension to help you fund a particular project and this is something we can help you with.

At retirement

We know that if you are at retirement age now, pension companies can provide you with a lot of paperwork about the pension they are offering you, which might be difficult to understand. You might be able to get a better deal elsewhere if you shop around, especially:

We can help you to establish the best option when you are looking to retire. Click here to request a no obligation call back from us to see if there is a better deal available for you.

You should also be aware that you can take some of your pension as a tax free lump sum. This could be used for any number of things, paying of your mortgage for instance, or scaling back your working hours.

For more complex pensions you may require SIPP advice.

For more information on annuities click here.

Whatever your situation is, we can help.