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Open Market Option

The annuity market changed considerably at the 2014 budget, however an annuity may still be the best product for many clients.

By shopping around the whole of the annuity market we could help you to get over 40% more income than that offered to you by your current provider.

You undoubtedly have spent many years saving for your retirement trying to build a reasonable pot of money in order to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. But it must not be forgotten that in order to maximise your retirement income you should always research the whole of the market to ensure that you get the very best income from this pot. Research has shown that over 60% of people approaching retirement could get up to 40% more pension income just by shopping around.

In the lead up to your retirement, it is highly likely that you’ll receive lots of marketing material from your current pension provider, encouraging you to purchase your annuity with them. In many cases, people assume that it is compulsory to take your annuity with your pension provider, but this is simply not the case.

It is your right to exercise the Open Market Option, and we can help you do exactly that.

Enhanced Annuity

Most people do not realise that they could receive more income from their pension annuity if any aspect of their health or lifestyle could reduce their life expectancy.

And you don't need to have a major health complication in order to qualify for an enhanced annuity rate.

If your answer is YES to any of the above, you may be eligible for an enhanced annuity! If not, let us check your postcode as this could still allow you access to a better income in retirement.

Occupational Pensions

If you have an old occupational/final salary pension, you may have been informed that you cannot retire before age 60 or even 65 without a considerable reduction. However it must be noted that you can retire anytime after the age of 55, even if your current provider does not allow you to do so, we may be able to help you to take your pension now. By purchasing an annuity with another provider you may be able to access your tax free lump sum and begin taking a pension income now.

We can help you to establish the best option when you are looking to retire. Click here to request a no obligation call back from us to see if there is a better deal available for you.