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Pension tidy-up

Multiple pensions?

Many people have several pensions scattered about, usually of varying sizes, types and with different providers – simply as a result of changing jobs.

It can be hard to know exactly what you have, and in some cases, people lose track of old pensions completely. We can help you to get your pensions organised and to keep on top of them.

We will review all of your pension arrangements, even those you are unsure about. We can help you trace lost pensions, and also look at any ‘frozen’ pensions.

We will then compile a simple report, giving you a clear breakdown of all your pension plans. It will outline...

We will also let you know whether you would benefit from transferring your pensions into a single plan, which providers offer the best deals, and how much better off you would be if you went ahead with our recommendations.

This initial report and consultation is free and there is no obligation to pay for our full service.

It could be beneficial to transfer multiple pensions into a single plan, allowing you to keep track of them more easily and also potentially pay less in charges. However, in other cases it is better to leave your pensions in multiple small pots.

We are specialists in our field and you can trust us to give nothing but the best advice, tailored to you personally. The legislation surrounding pensions is often complicated, but we have a full understanding and can ensure that you do what is best for your retirement.

Even if you choose not to go ahead with our recommendations, the free report will give you a useful overview of your plans without the hassle of having to hunt through all your paperwork. You have nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain!