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Stocks and Shares Advice

What are stocks and shares?

Stock is ownership, or equity, in a company. Investors buy stock in the form of shares, which represent a portion of a company's assets and earnings (capital).

As a stockholder, the extent of your ownership (your stake) in a company depends on the number of shares you own in relation to the total number of shares available.

Stocks in publicly traded companies are bought and sold at a stock market. You can buy a share in a stock when a company first decides to trade itself on the stock market - that is, at flotation or privatisation; or you can buy through the stock market once the shares are in circulation and being traded.

What is the risk?

Investing in stocks carries an element of risk because prices can go down as well as up. The price of stocks is a function of demand, which is based on investors' perceptions of the company's future earnings prospects. The choice of a stock's income or growth is usually a question of the investor's attitude to risk.

What will we do?

We can help you to assess your goals and attitude to risk, ensuring that you make the right decisions for your investments.