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Estate Planning & Wills

Whilst it is something that most people don't like to think about, planning what happens to your estate when you pass away is an essential part of financial planning.

Regardless of the size of your estate there are various issues to consider including potential tax liabilities and where your money goes after you die.

Niche have a wealth of experience in helping people arrange their estates to minimise potential inheritance tax and to ensure it is distributed according to their wishes.

The vast majority of the UK population have not written a Will as they assume everything will go to their partner. In fact if you do not have a Will your estate will be distributed according to a set of rules called the Laws of Intestacy which could mean your partner or spouse doesn't get as much as expected or intended.

Leaving a Will is the easy way to ensure that your estate is distributed in line with your wishes, and your loved ones are provided for.

Niche has a lot of experience in writing Last Will and Testaments. If a client requires a new Will to be written, we can usually takes the instructions at the same time as completing the financial review, which for most people will add about 10 minutes to the overall meeting time.

Important - Will writing is NOT an FSA regulated activity