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Why create a secure Portal account?

By Niche, 26th Jan 2021
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Creating a secure Portal account with us has many benefits. But what is a secure Portal account? And why should you consider creating one?

Firstly, a secure Portal account with us is an online location which allows both you and your financial adviser to securely communicate and share information with each other. It is not designed to replace parts of the financial planning process, but instead use technology to improve them.

Take the process of booking a flight as an example. Years ago, it would have been a very manual process. Today, however, you have the option of creating an online account and booking a flight then and there. You also have the option of printing boarding passes, editing details, reserving seats, and even checking in – all remotely.

Our secure Portal account acts in a similar way. By utilising technology, we can offer a more streamlined financial planning process (which will save you both time and money), remove some of the pain points such as the process of sharing important documents, as well as increase security.

Here are 3 reason why you should consider creating a secure Portal account:

Benefit #1: You can do lots remotely

Given the situation we currently find ourselves in, having the option to do stuff remotely is beneficial. A secure Portal account gives you that option, so you can do lots from the comfort of your very own home.

For example, the traditional first step within the financial planning process would be to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a financial adviser. At this meeting, you would be provided certain documents (such as their Terms of Business) as well as complete a manual fact find, which would involve answering certain questions listed on a piece of paper.

However, with a secure Portal account, all of this can be done digitally and therefore remotely. You can simply submit a summary of your enquiry, view and download the necessary documentation such as our Terms of Business, as well as provide some basic information via the digital fact find. Then, when a meeting is arranged with your financial adviser, you can talk about what matters most instead of doing traditional admin tasks.

Benefit #2: It’s much more efficient

Throughout your financial planning journey, you will have regular communication with your financial adviser. Having a secure Portal account will help improve the efficiency of the financial planning process by removing particular pain points, especially when it comes to securely communicating and sharing information.

For example, at some point you will likely provide your financial adviser with confidential documents such as a copy of your driver’s license or bank statement. And traditionally you would have either provided such documentation by posting a copy or visiting your financial adviser and handing a copy over in person.

However, the process of securely sharing documents can be completely streamlined by using a secure Portal account. All you’ll need to do is upload a copy to your account and share it via the Document Exchange feature. Your financial adviser will then receive a digital version instantly.

In addition, a secure Portal account will also help improve the process of signing documents. Of course, if a document requires a wet signature, you can simply sign it and then use the Document Exchange feature as explained above. However, if you simply need to agree to a document, you can do so electronically within a secure Portal account – removing the need to print, sign and post.

Benefit #3: Everything is safe and secure

All information entered into a secure Portal account is stored in an encrypted format using AES-256 – the accepted industry standard for securely storing data and the same level security your bank would use. Therefore, any information you submit is safe and secure.

Your digital fact find, which is where you provide your financial adviser with all the necessary information required, could therefore be kept as up to date as possible to reflect any changes to your financial situation. This will help ensure your financial adviser has access to the latest information, and of course, make any adjustments necessary.

Plus, if you need clarity or simply need to ask your financial adviser a question, you have the option to communicate securely via the secure messaging feature. Any messages you send will be AES-256 encrypted and sent direct to your financial adviser. This eliminates the need to use insecure communication methods.

All of this plus much more is included within a secure Portal account, and we want to use this technology to provide you with an experience which is not only convenient, efficient and engaging, but much more secure.

If you’d like to find out more information, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to provide you with a deeper insight into how a secure Portal account can benefit you.

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Start your journey

Start your journey today by creating your own secure Portal account. You'll be able to send us basic information to help speed up the initial process as well as access our business documents.
You can contact us on 01633 859555 or Initial meeting is free of charge.
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