Nicola Rylett-Jones BA (Hons)

Performance Consultant

With well over twenty years’ experience working in the science, technology, medical education, media and publishing industries, Nicola Rylett is a senior sales, marketing and communications leader who has held both Regional and National Director roles with some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations.

Nicola oversees the peak performance program at Niche, helping the teams to perform at their very best. Her role works with individuals to change, develop and grow, building the most effective and efficient organisation we can. As our Performance Consultant, she coaches individuals to develop their leadership skills, inspiring them to drive and achieve their goals.

Outside of work Nicola has an interesting collection of hobbies. Like many others, she loves keeping fit and has passed her advanced professional “Personal Training” diploma. Whether getting out into the sea on her body board or sitting and relaxing with some sewing or cross stitch, she is always doing something. Having accidently bought three rundown properties in France in recent years, she is currently starring in her own version of “Escape to the Château”! Who would have thought knocking down walls was so enjoyable?

Nicola is a Trustee of The Institute of Leadership and Management, a NED of Swim Wales and member of the Marie Curie (Penarth) Fund Raising Development board.


BA (Hons) Music, Drama & TV

Chartered Financial Planners
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