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Financial planning and cashflow modelling is the cornerstone of high net worth advice. Due to the complexity both in terms of tax and assets, your financial plan will simplify your view of your overall portfolio and focus on the most important parts – what your money means for you, the lifestyle you desire, and the amount you wish to leave for the benefit of future generations.

Through use of our proprietary cashflow modelling software we will help you establish and maintain your desired lifestyle pre and post retirement. Having the ability to see your finances long term, allows you to make better decisions and make the most of the funds you have accumulated. This takes away the fear of running out of money, giving you financial freedom and peace of mind.

With a plan in place this also allows us to be able to manage (and often reduce) the risk you take on your investments / pensions and when implementing your plan we look to reduce cost as much as possible. Your financial plan is not set in stone, and with so many variables it is vital that it’s reviewed regularly.

Investment / Pension and Tax Planning

For high net worth individuals and families, the complexity of tax planning, investment planning and pension planning increases significantly. We are qualified to the highest level and are specialists in this area. We can therefore simplify the complex rules around areas such as lifetime allowance tax charges and transitional protection, and factor all of the implications into your financial plan.

HMRC have many allowable tax reliefs including the use of tax efficient investments, such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs), and investments that qualify for business property relief and are therefore outside of your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.

We work with leading investment providers to ensure that your investments are managed effectively, are cost efficient and are all tailored to your financial plan. Driving down investment cost means that you will benefit from having more funds compounding over time. If you know the charges of your existing portfolio and want to compare the effects of this against one of our portfolios you can do so be entering the details below.

Legacy Planning

In the UK people pay more tax both in their lifetime and on death than they need to. Having paid tax all of your life (often at higher and additional rate) and then for the taxman to be your estate’s largest beneficiary is something that we can avoid with careful planning. This will mean that more wealth is passed on to future generations, allowing you to preserve the capital that you have accumulated.

Before approaching us, many of our clients are reluctant to give money away during their lifetime as they don’t know how much capital they need for their own retirement. By creating a financial plan we firstly establish your capital requirements, before planning how to pass on your accumulated wealth to future generations.

We also work closely with our clients solicitors and accountants to implement this planning effectively in line with your overall tax position and will.

View fees You can contact us on 01633 859555 or Initial meeting is free of charge.
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