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Don't just take our word for it. If you want to find out more about the service we can provide to you, take a look at a selection of stories through the years. You will also have the chance to write your very own review.

Rose Gibson

Aled is first class. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to my clients. I deal with high-end catastrophic injury clients and his people skills are second to none. He takes all of the cloak and daggers stuff out of financial advice, and I love his ‘no nonsense’, clear approach. Aled is my personal financial adviser, but I recommend him to many of my clients, especially those needing long-term investment for life.

Aled makes finances easier to understand and gives you the confidence to make your investments whilst understanding the process. He was recommended to me by a Deputy who works with vulnerable people, because she could see how much he cared about doing the right thing when so many just don’t.

Mark Douglas

Mark was in charge of retail banking for Wales and the southwest for Natwest, and retired from this role to form his own company. His financial planning needs were complex, setting up a commercial property SIPP and included lifetime allowance tax planning, legacy planning and business profit extraction.

In Mark's words:
"I spent a long time looking for a Chartered Financial Planner that could advise me on my very specific retirement and investment needs. Having spent 30+ years in banking as Director for Wales, I am well aware of the pitfalls of poor advice. If you think paying for a professional is expensive…try using an amateur! Great advice, good service, customer centric, compliant, and easy to deal with."

Dr Paul and Mrs Tracey Davies

Paul and Tracey are retired having worked in banking and the public sector during their careers. Paul was a European Sales Manager with Barclays, and then moved on to senior positions in the public sector, while Tracey worked in branch banking. They have a number of complex planning needs such as legacy planning, lifetime allowance / pension planning and investment planning.

In their words:
"Due to the number of pension funds available to myself and my wife, the issue of tax planning, pension options, inheritance tax and legacy planning were very complex. Aled's knowledge and ability to explain the position clearly was extremely helpful and beneficial. At all times I felt that Aled had our best interests at the centre of his discussions, which ultimately led me to be able to retire after working for almost 40 years at the age of 57. He is prepared to paint the full picture, to ensue all risks and upsides are understood, so that investment decisions are made based on facts and a wealth of experience. He has great contacts to refer any associated needs such as wills, powers of attorney and discretionary trusts. I trust Aled and would be happy to recommend him to others needing complex, high-value advice."

Dr Eilir Jones

Eilir is the CEO of a multinational company and also owns other private companies. He has a number of complex planning needs such as lifetime allowance / transitional protection, inheritance tax and legacy planning, as well as company profit extraction and tax efficiency.

In Eilir’s words:
"Over the 30 years of my career, I have been supported by a number of personal financial advisers. Aled is the best of them all. His knowledge is considerable, his approach is considerate, imaginative and thorough - and his honesty, transparency and integrity in all of his business dealings is remarkable. If you are looking for someone to help you with your hard-earned income and investments, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Aled."

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