No matter what stage you are at in your career, your financial situation remains as important as ever. Our team of fully qualified independent financial advisers can provide an exclusive insight into your financial situation, delivered with the utmost discretion. Take a look at our “four-stage approach” to financial advice and find out exactly what we can do for you.



As a young player who has recently earned your first contract, you are likely to need financial education on how to better understand your finances as well as learning about the options available to start saving. At this stage we consider your financial education, bank accounts, mortgages and more.

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Now that you have a few years of earnings under your belt and your salary is rising, you are likely considering a more serious investment such as buying a home. This is also a good time to invest for growth and reduce the amount of tax you pay. The most important factor at this stage is financial protection.

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As you reach your earnings peak, the reality that your career as a professional sports man or woman will not last forever may have set in, and you may have come to the stage where you need to consider life beyond your sport. Early planning is the key to ensuring you have a smooth transition into your future career.

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Your career in professional sport may now be coming to an end, your financial needs will change and you may need advice on how to transition into this new period. One of the biggest concerns for a professional sportsman or woman retiring from their sport is maintaining their lifestyle and protecting their family.

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