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You can contact us on 01633 859555 or [email protected]. Initial meeting is free of charge.

4. Future

Your career in professional sport may now be coming to an end and we will help you through this transition and beyond. Your financial needs will change and we will look to capitalise on the work undertaken during your career to help you in this period. One of the biggest concerns for a sportsman/woman retiring is maintaining your lifestyle and protecting your family and we can support you into your new career to minimise any disruption. Things that we consider:

Funding Lifestyle

As a retiring sportsman/woman leaving a lifestyle that you have been used to for many years can be difficult. Using the financial planning put in place in previous years we can try to maintain the lifestyle you have created through the use of your savings, investments and in some cases the protection policies.


Now that you will no longer be putting your body on the line, your protection needs will change but not disappear. It could be that you are suffering from an ongoing injury incurred during your career or the new career path you have chosen requires you to be self employed. This will completely depend on your circumstances after retiring from professional sports.

Retirement Planning

You’ve been through the process of one retirement so now we will start planning for your full time retirement. The earlier you start this process the better. At this point we will transfer you to Niche IFA and give you the service required for all our clients. The service will remain the same but the requirements can be different. We will continue to review your finances as well as your pension and investments and make sure these suit whatever career you have chosen to undertake.

View fees You can contact us on 01633 859555 or [email protected]. Initial meeting is free of charge.
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